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Aerial Photogarphy Introductions.

 Aerial photography is the taking of photographs of the ground from an elevated position. The term usually refers to images in which the camera is not supported by a ground-based structure. Cameras may be hand held or mounted, and photographs may be taken by a photographer, triggered remotely or triggered automatically. Platforms for aerial photography include fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, balloons, blimps and dirigibles, rockets, kites, poles, parachutes, and vehicle mounted poles. Aerial photography should not be confused with Air-to-Air Photography, when aircraft serve both as a photo platform and subject.

We are using the latest technology of Radio Control flying equipments to perform the Aerial Imaging via Multi-Rotor or Glider with ground control station to get the best service available for the customers.

Advantages Of Radio Control Models.

  • Small yet agile to fly to any area or locations for Aerial Imaging.
  • Cost effective due to smaller scale and giving the same quality as the full scale flying equpiments.
  • Low altitude flying with minimal risk of accidents.